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Strategic Review


As you are aware I have asked the Management Committee to consider the development of a strategy review of the ACA. 

Part of this process is to allow all members to have the opportunity  to provide input into the development of the review. 

Therefore I have posted the area identified to action the review for your consideration.  I welcome you to review the areas and provided feedback concerning the priority area if you desire.  

Your feedback will be delivered to the appointed person for each of the priority areas for consideration.  If you are interested in joining the group of people involved in developing a plan for the priority area please advise on your return email and you will be considered in joining a group. 


Priority Strategy


By Whom

By When

 1.  Address IT to assist in reducing member costs.

Get advice from an IT professional on work, cost involved.



 2.  Utilise membership to gain sponsorship

Demonstrate numbers



 3.  Use sub-com structure to assist Committees in managing entries through education /compulsion

Develop options for Restrictions



 4.  Judges – use new media to facilitate information, positive feedback & recognition

Encourage the use of F/B to communicate with judges & recognise random judges.



 5.  Improved animal welfare education of members

Develop a new policy for delivering clinics & education.



 6.  Identify the cause of the competition, stay true to principles, adjust to meet the threat

Two Committee forums in the zone.

Youth camp.




 7.  Promotion – membership base via new media to involve them in Committees

Explore – Facebook; blog; media options



 8.  Maintain documented policies & actions on welfare, biosecurity, etc

Staff ensure this happens.

Delegates & staff to relevant forum



 9.  Use the membership base to ensure cattle supply

Committee forums & councilor discussions



10.  Encourage social interaction at events.

Committee forums & councilor discussions & social media

See 7

Include in clinics, etc



11.  Other